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Welcome to the home of TNT Distributing, a family owned master distributor based in Middle Tennessee.

TNT Distributing has 20 years of experience and has been based in Middle Tennessee for the last eight years. We serve all of Tennessee, Memphis to Knoxville, as well as Sourthern Kentucky, Northern Georgia and everywhere in between.

We currently have over 400 very satisfied customers, large and small, from major hotel chains and tourest destinations to convenience stores and famly owned markets. We are constantly growing and looking for more customers. We invite all merchants to login in to our ordering site to view and purchase our premium quality products. Click here. If you do not have a login password and would like more information please contact us and we will respond quickly and help you set up an account.

We distribute over 200 products for 16 vendor and manufacturers, from local favorites to internationally known and loved specialties, and are always open to new products if requested by our clients or if newly available. If you are a vendor or manufacturer and are looking for a distributor in this area and would like to send a sample please contact us for more information.

Our incredible growth over almost the last decade is due in large part because our customers are so happy with us that they ask us to take over distribution of products they all ready sell and ask us to bring in new products that meet their needs instead of using other distributors or working with the vendors directly. In fact, the last four product lines we’ve started distributing were client requests! Our number one priority at TNT Distributing is our service and it shows.

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